About Us

Here at H2 CELEBRATE LIFE, we believe that health and happiness are lined up together. And we realize that it’s not easy pursuing both of them, especially when there’s too many unreliable information out there.

What we know for sure is that the top 5 cause of death in Indonesia are the result of unhealthy life pattern. Stroke, heart disease, diabetes, influenza, tuberculosis, and hypertension can all attack you anytime if you keep doing the same bad and unhealthy choices, especially if you’re living stressfully.

Driven by this, H2 CELEBRATE LIFE was born to be the best digital corner for you to discover holistic wellness. We aspire to spark your healthy-living desire because we believe that treasuring live is important and as easy as living healthily. 

Our plan focuses on a thing called FENUS (Food, Exercise, Nutraceutical, and Stress Reduction) that we feel would have an impactful effect if you manage it correctly.  Therefore, we partner up with UKM (small and medium enterprises), gym and sport places, health communities, healthy restaurants, and other businesses to give you the whole package!

Whether you want to find inspiration, buy healthy products and services, or simply share your thoughts on them, we provide you a space to all things healthy and build you a community to help your growth. You can find out what everyone on the community is saying about a healthy product or service in Indonesia and then reassure yourself with facts from our expert, so that you will never feel difficulties and hesitation to buy healthy products and services anymore.

Let’s celebrate life and not waste the blessing we have today by living unhealthily and recklessly!